Maiden Voyage

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for joining in on the soup deal. I hope you enjoy the first shipment and please feel free to give me feedback at any time. My phone number is 448-9728.

Alright, one caveat: the soup will be undersalted. To those of you who have a salty palate, like myself, please don’t judge the soup until you get it up to your salt level. And for those of you who are into undersalted foods… well, that’s your business.

I’ll be making the soup on Saturday and delivering it cold on Sunday, to give it that day’s time for the flavors to… commingle. I’ll deliver between the hours of 1 and 5, and I don’t expect everyone to be home. If you are out for the day, what I’d suggest is that you leave a cooler with a little ice out on the porch so it can stay happy until your return.

Next issue: containers. I’ll be purchasing two 2-quart containers from Ace Mart restaurant supply for each subscriber. They’re super-nice, durable, a great size, and I think they’re about $5. Two containers for each person so that there’s an empty one to pick up when I drop soup off each week. I’d like a $10 deposit for the containers. If you ever desire to get out of the soup thing permanently, you can either keep the containers or get your $10 back.

As far as billing goes, if you’re home when I deliver, you can give me cash or check. If not, I’ll just keep track of your arrears and we’ll catch up on it later.

Good? Good.

See you soon,