Soupie of the Month

Welcome to another edition of the Soupie of the Month Awards... this month's lucky winners are Genoka and Fern Thomassy, who drive in every week all the way from B.F.E., also known as Liberty Hill, Texas. We look forward to their visits every week when we might hear about the latest chicken dilemma or receive fresh, home-laid multicolored eggs... they look like Easter eggs but there's no dye and that's no lie. Genoka’s favorite Soup Peddler dish is Portobello Stroganoff, of which she ordered nine the last offering—they were gone in a week! She is also very protective of The Soup Peddler, defending us against local, vicious Soup Peddler wanabees... read her recent email to a copycat... copy the original is a blatant attempt to use and profit from someone else's ideas without even adding anything new of your own. My teachers used to call that plagiarism and it wasn't allowed because it was wroooong. What you're doing is really TACKY. I wish you the success you deserve.

Ouch! Note to self: Don't cross Genoka. Congratulations, Genoka and Fern, for being our Soupies of the Month!