Much Obliged...

Being a Soupie carries responsibility. It's not just a lackadaisical "me, me, me" sort of thing... for example, you are the recruiting corps for our marketing department, you are the wind beneath our wings, you are obliged to perform soup research when you travel abroad, you are morally bound to steal recipes from family members and unsuspecting chefs to share with the rest of the Soupies. That is how we have such great recipes as our Bouktouf, Asopao, Armenian Apricot, and Green Chile Stew.

The Tarrytown Goetzels, who essentially embody the apogee of the Soupie Mindset, took it upon themselves to travel to Iceland in search of the famed kakosupa, which is on our menu this week, perhaps as a Valentine's Night soup course. Additionally, they often leave still-warm cookies and brownies on their porch for our delivery folks.

In other news, great tragedy has beset the soup world... the inventor of the instant ramen noodle, Momofuku Ando, died last week at age 96. Who says a little deep-fried noodle and MSG is bad for you? He just retired as chairman of Nissin Foods last year, and probably did alright for himself... over 85 billion (that's with a "b", folks) packs of ramen were sold worldwide in 2005 alone.
Another Soupie responsibility... reading assignments. People, I would REALLY love for you to set aside some time to read Michael Pollan's (author of Botany of Desire and Omnivore's Dilemma) article in last Sunday's NY Times Magazine. It has been the most emailed article in the Times all week, which is a really good thing, and it encapsulates our abiding passion in real food, which does not deign to make nutritional health claims. You can read the article here. It's a long article, so settle in.