He's Crazy Too

So last Tuesday this crazy guy showed up at our door... his name is Mark Maund and he's on a 15,000 mile cycling expedition around North America and he just landed in Austin spouting tales of adventures. Somebody told him, "You ought to go see The Soup Peddler. He's crazy too." For some details of his little jaunt, go to northamericacyclingexpedition.com. I think that Austin, necessarily, made a great impression on him since a planned one-night stay has turned into one-week. Good job Austinites for being the sweetest gentlest kindest most welcoming folks in the world. It's been fun to witness Mark's amazement at the culture that we take for granted... and he's seen a lot of this country up close.

I have to say that his visit dovetails with my fresh feeling of culture shock upon returning to Austin from Italy. It's so good to get a chance to feel Austin and its warm embrace anew.