Advice On Drug Smuggling

I know it goes without saying, but as your friendly neighborhood Soup Peddler, I feel compelled to share this advice. As many of you are aware, I take the responsibility of monitoring soup news from around the world upon myself, in order that you needn't bother yourself with it. When something comes across the ticker that I feel is important to you or your way of life, I share it. I am so moved today, because of the recent rash of soup news pertaining to drug smuggling...

For those of you who are considering drug smuggling as either a sideline to help make ends meet in these trying times, or perhaps as a new career path, I'm certain you'll be interested to know that YOU SHOULD NOT USE SOUP CANS OR PACKAGES TO CAMOUFLAGE YOUR DRUGS DURING TRANSPORT/SALE. It's an old trick and the authorities are onto it. In fact, it's such a pervasive practice that I'm often pulled over for flimsy traffic violations (misaligned headlights, etc.) because of my Soup Peddler bumper sticker. "What exactly are you peddling, friend? Soup, huh? Alright, please step out of the vehicle."

Don't believe me? Follow these links...

Largest drug bust in Cleveland history found with dry soup. Well, what do we have here?

From my hometown airport, BWI, we have a story about Smuggled cocaine hidden in dried soup packets. Clever!

But it's not all grim news... in a surprise happy ending, Ghanaian man arrested with cocaine in soup freed by court. Mr. Darkey's claim that he travelled to Ghana to "purchase vegetables" clearly threw the clearly anti-drug biased prosecution for a loop.