Fishy Sauce

A most meaningful Memorial Day weekend to you... the gateway to summer is here. What does summer mean to you? (besides fire ants, mosquitos, and sunburn... the Texas Trinity of Integumentary Irritants) Correct answer: Cold Soup Season. Yes, folks, cold soup season is here and we are featuring our rotating cast of seven cold soups each week. The abuelito of them all of course is gazpacho, but we have carefully winnowed our list to the best that we can find. You'll notice that vichyssoise is gone. I give up on trying to sell vichyssoise. There's something about that name... to a Frenchperson it probably sounds immeasurably appealing, but to the American ear, something more akin to "fishy sauce." Would you like some cold fishy sauce to wash that down? In reality it is quite elegant and terribly refreshing with a few ice cubes in it, but I give up. You might, you just might find our "potato leek soup" on an upcoming menu; the more elevated amongst you will detect the clever ruse and prefer to serve it cold.