This vendor of mine was just visiting and talking about how she makes everyone yawn. Like, seriously, people just start going into uncontrollable yawning jags around her. She can put babies to sleep in a matter of minutes. She’s not a downer, she’s a nice upbeat person. But she puts off something that makes people yawn like crazy. It happened here. It’s kind of like a personal superpower. What would be the thing that you pick for your personal superpower? You’re not allowed to pick flying or invisibility or x-ray vision or immense strength. It has to be weird. Personal superpowers have to be something unique and fairly believable compared with Action Comics and so forth. I would pick paranoia inducement and then I would go into the burglar alarm and safe business. Everyone I met would become a customer. No, new rule: you can’t have a superpower be for monetary gain or sexual conquest. It has to just be hilarious. I’d love to be able to make birds gather above someone of my choosing. I’d love to be able to make a magician’s tricks not work. Or walk into a museum and make paint melt. You?