Breakfast Soup

I ran into an old associate of mine at the Juicebox the other day ago, and found him ordering a chicken soup with rice for breakfast, with a smoothie chaser. "Breakfast of Champions," he said. I thought to myself, G-d bless him. Maybe I've been missing the obvious marketing catch-phrase: Soup, It's Not Just For Lunch And Dinner Anymore. In fact, there are many great breakfast soups around the world. Changua is the breakfast soup of Colombia, an admittedly soup-obsessed country. Congee, one of my favorite foods in the world, is a breakfast staple under one name or another for probably a quarter to a third of the world's population. In the Americas, hominy soups like Menudo are the great way to start your dia. But frankly, it doesn't appeal to even me, The Soup Peddler.

But that doesn't mean that I can't turn it into a marketing campaign, does it? Perhaps I could sway myself in the process... maybe I should start with a cup of miso in the morning to fire up the old engines. I certainly love the congee, maybe that could work. It is the inspiration behind our breakfast porridge at the Juicebox, which differs only in selection of grains and because it's just a bit on the sweet side. I have also seen a lovely soup version of a normal breakfast plate of eggs, bacon, and toast taught to me by a Spaniard, it was quite lovely and in fact brilliant peasant fare. Maybe that concoction is something America needs to know about vis-a-vis this explosive new breakfast soup trend.