New Beginnings At The Soup Peddler

It's a brand new day here, very exciting news to share. We are very proud to unveil our new, expanded delivery service. Go ahead, look! You'll notice that the core of our menu, the rotating soups and entrees, are now listed on the menu page as weekly specials. Those are the only items that will be listed in the weekly email, but be sure, there is much, much more inside the store.

The rest of the menu is now tucked away into those clever little categories. Many of the items on the site now are provided by some of Austin's premiere artisans/vendors, and I'll highlight them in weeks to come. But several of our Soup Peddler-made "usual suspects" have been tucked into those sub-menus. For example, we will offer our most popular two quiches and three salads every week. Our daily soups are now tucked into their own little category. Our super-baked cookies are now just part of the "baked goods" section of the site. Our marinara sauce and chicken stock are now permanent fixtures on the menu. We have a brand new incredible big chunk maple almond granola that will always be available.

This is just the beginning, we have many plans for new in-house products like kitchen essentials such as caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and quick-pickled veggies. Plus plans for lots of other things like local eggs and dairy.

For now, I'd like to highlight one of our new vendors, Rockstar Bagels. Only three short years ago, Joe Humel was an out-of-work Austin drummer (you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one around here) with an unquenchable hankering for a decent bagel (insert opposite of "can't swing a dead cat" phrase here), so he took it upon himself to create the perfect New York bagel, and crazier still, set about making a living doing it. I'm happy to tell you he's done a darn good job of fulfilling both of those goals, and am very honored to be able to bring them to you. In weeks to come, we will add chive and house-made lox cream cheese spreads to the menu to accompany them.