Announcing Our New Location!

Austin. World. Get ready for the next generation of restaurant concept. Vegan. Hyper-local. Organic. Living food. Negative carbon footprint. Packaging-free.

You can't touch this. Don't even try.

Where Austin's elite meet in bare feet to not eat meat.

It's called:

It's a restaurant with a living floor.

You heard me.

Mesclun, grama, bluestem, rye.

Membership only.

Designed by none other than Michael Hsu Design Office.

Step inside. Enjoy a personal foot wash and hempen loofah exfolation by one of our uniformed vegan waifs. Then...

You graze. You just get down on your hands and knees and go for it.

Reservation-only tables are also available.

The future has arrived, care of The Soup Peddler Management Group.

You're welcome.