Soup Is Love

Soup is love Real soup making takes time, and time is something that people in this day and age rarely have to give each other.

We take a really long time to cook our soup, just like you would when you cook for someone you love.

Soup is art

A soup maker creates flavor the way a painter creates a canvas, with different layers, different brush sizes, that create deep color and sharp detail.

We start with a slow sauté of aromatic vegetables, bringing out their natural sweetness and adding depth of flavor, and we finish with heat-bloomed spices and fresh hand-chopped herbs.

Soup is community

Soup traditions tie cultures together - part of the collective culinary unconscious of civilization itself - delivering the wisdom of a people from one generation to the next.

We find artisanal recipes from around the world that are not only delicious; they carry a thread of cultural customs and knowledge with them.

Soup is healing

Soup made in traditional ways is a potent, restorative tonic for the bones, joints and belly; it is the ultimate mineral supplement and immune booster.

We painstakingly create our stocks from bones, cooking them overnight to extract all the nutrients and gelatins that make them both healing and satisfying.

Soup Peddler soups and broths are unlike anything you’ll find on that dark, dreary soup aisle, or even in the hot soup wells of the highest-end grocery stores. Our soups aren’t pH-shifted to become a high-acid food, nor are they temperature-abused through pasteurization, killing nutrients and flavor for the sake of shelf life. We never resort to trickery like flavor-boosting and texture-enhancing powders and gels, industrially processed sodium and preservatives.

Our soups are simply made the way they’re supposed to be made: with a little patience, some homespun wisdom, generous amounts of real food ingredients (and some clever healthy substitutions), and excellent taste.

Soup Is Love!