Explore Soup

You have to marvel at the creativity, the effectiveness, the "stickiness" of marketing campaigns sometimes. There's one you've probably seen along Austin's roadways that either has a really large budget or is being generously under-written by a God-fearing billboard company... It says "Explore God". I fancy that one day there could be a similar ad campaign which compels the masses to "Explore Soup". For so many people the concept of an all-knowing, all-loving soup has been so battered and maligned over the millenia to the point where many don't even believe in the healing power of accepting soup into their lives. It is sad, because many forces in the world have colluded, lo these many years, to appropriate and commodify soup, reducing it to a mere shadow of its true, glorious essence. As we know, Soup Is Love and the more that we as a people allow soup into our hearts, the more love we will enjoy for our fellow man and woman. Yea, we should verily take heed to reject false soups for they will lead us to exile, far from the kingdom of truth and comfort.