Baguette Liberation Army

One of my favorite books as a child, and one which I've had the joy of reading to my own daughter, is called "Miss Suzy." It's a ragged old copy, its binding replaced by layers of masking tape. Worthless to the world and priceless to me. I imagine you might have some items like that in your possession. Miss Suzy is the story of a sweet little squirrel who has a cozy, humble, but well-kept home in the canopy of an old oak tree. She has acorn cups for her tea, she sweeps her carpet with a little twig broom, she can look up and see the stars at night. Then one day, some bad, quarrelsome red squirrels climb the tree to invade and defile her little home and she runs away. A rainstorm forces her to find shelter in the attic of an old house, where she moves into an old forgotten dollhouse and sets about cleaning it up, dusting out the cobwebs, and making it suitable for a squirrel of her standards. While exploring the attic, she liberates a little group of toy soldiers who were trapped in a box for untold years. She invites them to move into the dollhouse with her and takes care of them. One evening, she regales the grateful toy soldiers with tales of her wonderful old home in the oak tree and she begins to cry. The toy soldiers will have none of that, form themselves into a little battalion, and march straight over to the old oak tree and bravely eject those bad red squirrels from Miss Suzy's house. Miss Suzy goes on to live happily ever after and occasionally has the soldiers over for dinner. We received the adjacent photo of one of those bad, quarrelsome red squirrels this week who took the liberty of liberating one of our delicious new Moonlight bakery baguettes from an unsecured delivery location and enjoyed it heartily from his pecan perch without even a hint of remorse. I think that's a solid testimonial... just wait till he tries the ciabatta.