Elevating The Art Of The Smoothie

We've been enjoying a good little creative streak lately here at the Soup Peddler kitchen. We are preparing to unveil a new juice and smoothie menu at our stores, and I can't help but share some of the great new ideas ahead of time. I think that the direction we're taking is absolutely original. It combines the best of the global culinary approach of our kitchen with the convenient, delicious nutrition that our juice bars have been delivering. For example, the Magic Carpet Ride, pictured below, is a phenomenal cherry, pistachio, tahini, sumac, Himalayan salt, and banana smoothie. Also, the Lassi Come Home takes notes from traditional mango and rosewater lassis, but is made with local yogurt and raw honey and includes a special culinary twist of fennel seeds blended in. The Faulkneresque (below, in blender) is the product of a stream-of-consciousness recipe development technique and includes peaches, apricots, dates, almonds, oats, cloves, and cinnamon. There are a few more new smoothies, including the Fixie and the Nina Simone, plus a complete overhaul of the juice menu. These should roll out in mid-April.

But wait, as they say on the TV, there's more. We have been upgrading our salad selections at the stores (we will soon offer these to delivery customers). The Neptune's Daughter is a delicious and uber-nutritious wakame seaweed salad. The Optimus Slaw is the slaw to end all slaws... broccoli stalk, red cabbage, and kale in a fire-roasted poblano ranch dressing. Kneel Before Kale pays homage to the king of hipster greens with toasted sunflower seeds, golden raisins, and cranberries in a raw honey vinaigrette. And there are more on the way... an as-yet-named soba noodle salad and the return of our fantastic wheatberry cranberry salad.