2x4 farmTerroir is as important with wine grapes as it is with nuts. With its varied geological influences, Austin pecans can vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood, so choice of appellation is important. We believe that single-sourced pecans is the only way to go. You have your Zilker pecans, more of a pronounced buttery nose, whereas your Bouldin pecans tend towards the heady and lean, with a touch of cedar on the back of the tongue. Oaky, silky, more supple pecans are generally the case in Travis Heights. We prefer the pecans from the hilly western part of the South Lamar neighborhood, which I lovingly refer to as Far East-Southeast Barton Hills. One of our earliest customers, Bruce Evans, has a productive little grove and we're excited to share in the bounteous harvest for our pecan-crusted tilapia dish next week. How to describe this particular sub-stratum of Austin pecan provenance? Reaching here for the right adjective... I'd say these are very... nutty.