Here are a few helpful documents for your employment with the Soup Peddler! Some of these are pretty boring-sounding, admittedly, but you'll need to print them all and fill them out / study them.

Policies and Procedures

Ingredient Info Sheet

Juice Bar Recipe Book

W-4 Form

I-9 Form 

Direct Deposit Form

Inter-Store Transfer Form

Health Insurance Documents

Health Insurance Election Form

Health Insurance FAQ (really, really recommend you read this)

Summary Of Benefits And Coverages: HMO and PPO

Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form (be sure to use this link to find a doctor/PCP IN THE APPROPRIATE NETWORK for the form)

Health Insurance Summary Plan Description (legalese you're required to skim and forget)

Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form (Spanish)

MD Live - Virtual Doctor Visits

COBRA Election Form (outgoing employees)Other Stuff You Should Know

Soup Peddler Research

You ought to Google Soup Peddler and poke around for a bit

There's some good stuff to watch on YouTube as well

And of course, the original Soup Peddler Movie, part one and part two.