Here are a few helpful documents for your employment with the Soup Peddler! Some of these are pretty boring-sounding, admittedly, but you'll need to print them all and fill them out / study them.

Training Manual

Policies and Procedures

Ingredient Info Sheet

Juice Bar Recipe Book

Health Insurance Election Form

Health Insurance FAQ

Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form (be sure to use this link to find a doctor/PCP IN THE APPROPRIATE NETWORK for the form)

Health Insurance Summary Plan Description (legalese you're required to skim)

Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form (Spanish)

MD Live - Virtual Doctor Visits

COBRA Election Form (outgoing employees)

W-4 Form

I-9 Form (print page 7 only)

Direct Deposit Form

Other Stuff You Should Know

You ought to Google Soup Peddler and poke around for a bit

There's some good stuff to watch on YouTube as well

And of course, the original Soup Peddler Movie, part one and part two.

Employee Blog

Occasional posts and ripostes from The Soup Peddler himself.