Soup of the Weird

It's been a while... it's been a few months since we've taken a trip down the lamentable avenue of Soup News From Around The World!

First we travel to New Jersey, where a Woodbridge restaurant worker was scalded in a soup fight. An argument over proper preparation for chicken soup. Sad.

South Africa, Eastern Cape province. 14 schoolgirls dined upon dagga soup each morning. Dagga is the South African street term for marijuana.

A sad end for a community's soupmaker in Jamaica... Remains of soup vendor found.

An exceedingly strange photoshop image for an utterly horrible soup story... Russian granny kills grandchildren with poisonous soup.

Unfortunately, this article's text is no longer available, but a Czech research team in Antarctica found and ate a 50-year-old can of soup left by British researchers.

Palm Beach, Florida. Man Finds Rare Pearl in Clam Soup.

Victoria, BC. Soup country. Woman Throws Hot Soup on Convenience Store Worker.

China, big whoops. Chef kills self and customers by adding rat poison to soup.

A followup from a previous story in San Antonio... Man Found Guilty in Manslaughter Charge over Fish Soup.

OK, in order to restore your belief in the goodness of soup, let's turn our attention to some kinder, gentler soup stories...

Hungary holds the World's Largest Soup Fest, with over 2000 kettles bubbling with the region's traditional fish soup.

On the other end of the spectrum, university students in Japan have created the World's Smallest Bowl of Ramen Soup, visible only through a microscope.

Note to self: Write more far-fetched grants... Bristol Scientists Recieve A Million Pounds To Find Out If A Robot Can Safely Stir Soup. Interesting article.

And the winner in the absurdist category for Soup News From Around The World, an article about Soup Contestants Lose Prize Because Their Soup Was Too Fresh. Rules broken included: growing their own herbs, using organic vegetables, and touching the ingredients!