Happy New Year?

Quote of the week... (this is from The Week magazine) (paraphrase, so I don't have to dig through the recycling box): Christmas is when children get what they want and make adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults get what they want and make their children pay for it.

Definitely an interesting year for the Great Janitor to brush into the dustbin of history. Personally, New Years didn't mean quite so much to me... after the best year of your life, what can you rightfully ask of the new year? Don't change a thing, 2009! You're beautiful. Well of course these lines of demarcation of our lives, no matter how abstract they are (okay folks, every time we pass this point in our orbit around the sun, put on a funny hat and drink this effervescent grape tincture), have meaning and are our cue for both gratitude and petition. No matter the proportion between these two urges, each of us has at least a bit of each. We can be reminded that "at least you have your health" or "at least you don't have to worry about money" or failing that, "at least you're not a Lions fan." I can make fun of the Lions because I'm an Orioles fan and my spirit was broken by our special streak. Alas, any poor, ailing, Lions-fan Soupies, I'm sorry to pick on you, but I'm sure even you can find something to be grateful for, a condition that you'd like to hang onto for another year. Well, here's to a year full to bursting with meaningful stuff. Clink!