Tis The Season

Case study in marketing here. Tis the season for advertisement. We're all subject to them, no matter how much we try to steer clear. Those of us who are business owners or marketing types think about them a whole lot more... we want to get our messages across but (at least speaking for myself) we don't want to be a bother. Entertaining while selling is a great means to that end. I came across this example last night.

This, I believe, is my favorite advertisement of all time. It 's Mark Twain's advertisement for his first public lecture, and it's obviously from the pen of the man himself. I love how it simultaneously honors the intelligence of the reader, reveals the humility of the writer, and describes the spirit and humor of the enterprise. The tasty bits are transcribed herewith for your convenience:

A SPLENDID ORCHESTRA! Is in town, but has not been engaged.

A DEN OF FEROCIOUS WILD BEASTS! Will be on exhibition on the next block.

MAGNIFICENT FIREWORKS! Were in contemplation for this occasion, but the idea has been abandoned.

A GRAND TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION! May be expected; in fact, the public are priveleged to expect whatever they please.

May we all strive for such genius and humor in our lives!