The Soup Peddler Goes Mobile!

Soupies, We are very excited to announce our latest business venture. A lot of Austinites seem to feel that the whole mobile food truck thing has "jumped the shark" lately (no offense to Fonzie, a great soup lover in his time). The Soup Peddler, at one time, was a cutting-edge food business in Austin and feels that it should step up and re-assert its leadership amongst this parvenu crowd of Johnny-come-lately foodies.

Therefore, we bring you... the mobile food helicopter.

As you can see, early adopters are "eating it up" and the pure kitsch factor of getting your nourishment from a helicopter makes it super-fun for kids!

OK, onto the menu... these are just a few of the airborne treats we will be serving...

Soup On A Stick! What says fun more than oddball foods served on sticks? Our line of frozen soups available in stick format include standards such as chicken noodle and vegetable beef, but also such crazy innovations as bacon-stuffed matzoh balls and deep-fried tortilla soup! (Serves 4) $10

Crispy On The Inside And Juicy On The Outside This isn't so much a development in food science as it is a revelation. Food marketers have misled the public for generations into believing that "crunch" followed by "ooey gooey" (think jalapeno poppers and the like) was the most sensible way to feed people snacks. We have discovered a fascinating method for covering a crunchy core with a slippery, gloppy coating... ten times the finger-licking for your overstretched food dollar... this will revolutionize game day snacking and keep all that greasy fried crispy residue inside your belly and not on your fingers! (Serves 2) 11.9**

**studies show that removing the dollar sign and adding a single decimal representing tens of cents subtly dissociates the menu item from the dollar amount

There is one fish that, due to whatever collusion of interests and prejudices, has not made its way onto the menus of those white table cloth establishments that line our fancy streets: the carp. Little-known fact: bottom feeders taste the best. All of the food that those other fish drop while they're clumsily tearing it apart with their sharp teeth... where do you think it goes? It falls to the ocean floor, where the lazy couch potato of the sea****, the carp, munches along with glee and aplomb... (Serves 2) $4

****the carp may actually be a freshwater fish

In honor of Lebowski's latest Oscar-quality film remake, we offer this excellent preparation of real, 100% bonafide, made in the good old USA, (hang on a sec while I hit up, actual, authentic, indubitable, legitimate, sho'nuff, yeah you right, unfeigned, veracious, true grits... $10

Order early and often! Thank you as always for your continued soupport, and I feel I would be most remiss if I did not wish you and yours a joyous, happy April First.

Your friend, The Soup Peddler