Soup Peddler Therapy Services

Growth in Austin has its costs for all of us. The pace of life has accelerated to the point where we are all challenged to evolve in order to stay afloat, both emotionally and financially. Businesses, like mine, are forced to create strategies to help pay increasing rents and payrolls. We need to diversify, to use our core competencies to find and service the next big opportunity. In our view, the only thing that can keep pace with Austin's growth is Austinites' disenchantment with it. So many of us know people who are struggling emotionally with growth, and The Soup Peddler is here for you, now offering Civic Growth Therapy Services at all of our brick-and-mortar locations.

Have you or anyone you love been bothered by questions, "Where have all the bluebonnets gone?" "How are my children and my children's children going to commute down Lamar?" "You want how much for a hamburger?" Have you ever woke up in a panic because you dreamt you were downtown and were so disoriented you couldn't remember where Liberty Lunch was?

We here at Soup Peddler Therapy Services use a multi-modal therapeutic approach to facilitate a sense of comfort with these difficult changes. Our regression therapy leads patients through a web-based virtual "stroll down memory lane" featuring streets empty of traffic, plentiful free street parking, and old-timey renderings of human beings interacting with their fellow citizens instead of their smartphones.

We use a patented set of Rorschach plates developed from photographs of endangered Bouldin Creek cottages, modern spec houses, and California license plates to help patients develop a language for their emotional response to the changes that surround them.

Our EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing) treatment modality removes "stuck emotions" by encouraging patients to confront the most vivid visual images of growth (most commonly construction cranes and dump trucks) during these revolutionary eye movement sessions.

All patients receive free use of our helpful mobile app, which is programmed to vibrate when the patient begins any sentence with, "When I moved here," "In my day," "I used to be able to," "I miss," or many other unhelpful thought pattern setups.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Soup Peddler Therapy Services, please follow this link for more information. Thank you for your kind attention.