Such A Nice Boy

IMG_2438As you may know, we've been in the midst of upgrading lots of things here at Soup Peddler Central... new kitchen, new kettles, new systems, lots and lots of blessed newness. Not that the old was so bad! I don't want to cast a pall on things in the past and belie a lack of gratitude for those. Nor people of the past... however, one of the greatest upgrades we've made was our recent chef hire of Ari Dvorin, such a nice boy. You knew it would come to this... I have hired my doppelganger, save that he's got quite a few inches on me and a better, if more closely cropped, head of hair. You may have noticed a good crop of new entrees on the menu in the past few weeks... these are all ideas from the brain of Chef Dvorin, with many more to come. It is a true joy to have a chef here that shares my culinary passions and has the training and experience to pull them off, AND a cheery and stable disposition to boot. I won't obscure the truth... this has been a very challenging position to fill over the years, and there have been some very un-fun times along the way. You know that show on PBS, The Mind Of A Chef? Well, I could do a few different episodes.

Thank you for helping to deliver us to this moment.