We Made It!

We made it to the other side! No matter your involvement in/observance of the Hubbub Otherwise Known as Christmas, the safe passage and/or enjoyment thereof is an accomplishment and relief. Holidays are memory makers... our efforts and preparations, expectations fulfilled or otherwise, desires to please our loved ones... these are the palette and brushes with which we paint the memory scenes. Broad strokes of gratitude and contentment. Dapples of pleasant conversation, stipples of laughter. As it all draws to a close, the paint slowly dries and we trundle off to hang these precious canvases in the hallway where time doesn't elapse, nobody ages, where the joy of the moment is forever. Stop me before I turn into a living, breathing greeting card.

We were honored in the Austin Chronicle recently... read how we were the critic's choice for best family meal service here. Happy Last Week Of The Year. The menu below kicks off the New Year... let us know what looks good. Thank you for everything.