These things happen every now and again, just as stars align or we experience the occasional lunar eclipse... both of our wedding-oriented soups pop up on the menu at the same time. The Turkish Bride Soup and Italian Wedding Soup, two of our very finest and most-requested. Very different from each other, each with provenance arguably having nothing to do with matrimony. But we like our legends in food, we needn't pry too hard, look too deeply, lest the charming back-story evaporates. Let's just accept that these have forever been wedding soups and move on. With that in mind, let's now all ponder our favorite wedding memories. From the botched, slurred groomsman speech to the occasional wardrobe malfunction to the truly poetic expressions of hope and love, weddings can make you laugh and cry in quick turns. One of my most-shared wedding memories took place in a small country church with a pastor named Jim Jones. He advised the young couple thusly: "There will be times in your marriage when you will think to yourself, 'My God, what have I done?'" As my young friends and I sat agog in the back row, we saw every single head in the congregation nod slowly in unison. Left a deep impression, that moment.