The New Look

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the brands which have connected them with another... that is to say, it is time to say farewell to the "Juicebox" brand that has been emblazoned upon our stores. What was for a few years joined "Soup Peddler" in a cute but unwieldy concatenation of brands ultimately became less sensible to keep. I'm certain you join me in always searching for ways to make things more sensible in our lives and our pursuits. While there are challenges in this type of transition, I'm very excited about the retooling of our branding along with several other developments slated for 2014... a new kitchen, a new store, and a most zesty re-working of the smoothie, juice, salad and sandwich menus at our stores. For many years, the original "The Soup Peddler" logo has been very difficult to change, but my ingenious and passionate designer Jennifer Braham has delivered a new look that is very rooted in the old look but is stronger and a whole lot more functional from a design perspective. We were inspired by newspapers, dictionaries, classic printing typefaces, and particularly (if I may divulge a teensy bit of theft...), the gorgeous masthead of Cook's Illustrated. The change will slowly creep across the physical and virtual worlds of The Soup Peddler... labels, trucks, stores, websites, etc... it'll likely take a while. I sincerely hope you like it. I believe it honors people's intelligence. It feels very good, very authentic, and ultimately it fits me and my interests personally... that is really all I have to go on here. Here is the basic element:

And here it is in situ along with our Valentine's juice special at our stores, "The Love Potion"...

So there we have it... the branding to take us well into the late-early 21st century. Thank you as always for your support, for keeping us in your thoughts... we are ever-indebted to you for it.