Ham And Eagles

One of the more ingenious marketing technologies of the past forty or so centuries is the free branded calendar. Early on, you'd have your papyrus and stylus shops giving away calendars with sexy images of Liz Taylor look-alikes reclining in royal galabeas promoting the hippest new heiroglyphic characters. Later, Roman proto-media corporations would promote their latest spate of Battle At The Coliseum reality show merchandise on free calendars. It went on like that for centuries... snake oil salesman the world across would promote their businesses with these free calendars which would hang on wooden shanty, cliff-house, adobe, igloo, and stone hut walls throughout the year, finally culminating in its artistic apogee with the combination of bikini-clad women working on classic automobiles, which may be found in literally 100% of body and mechanic shops the world across. At least... I thought that was the high point. No. The high point comes much later, circa MMXI if you're still going by the Roman system. It is found on page seven of the free calendar supplied by one of our food vendors. It is an all-encompassing photographic description of how we can all do our job to be better patriots by simply making the right choice of what we eat on our Independence Day. Without further ado, I bring you the breathtaking... Ham and Eagles